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I purchased a Sussex Pond pudding at Knebworth Food Festival last weekend, I was asked to let you know my comments. My Husband found the pudding too tart for his liking but did finish the portion served to him. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, the explosion of the whole lemon inside was delicious, I do not know if I was supposed to eat all of the lemon, but I did.

Pepina Powell          21/04/2011

hi just a quick line to let u know that we purchased a few puddings from u @p'boro truckfest we have just had the steak and kidney and we would like to say how much we enjoyed it meat content and pastry was second to none we haven't eaten anything so good and easy to prepare and cook thanks again we will be ordering some more shortly

Clive Batchelor        04/05/2011

Hi there. Just thought I would drop you a line! We purchased a few puddings from you at the Essex Food Show at Cressing Temple. The Steak Pudding was fantastic, full of meat and very tasty. The Toffee Fudge and the Syrup puddings were to die for! We will be ordering more very soon. Thank you.

Steve Bird                18/07/2011

Bought four of your puddings at the food and drink festival Cressing Temple.

Had family and friends to dinner that evening - we decided to cook both the two sweet puddings we bought and after a large Sunday roast my wife anticipated having some left over for the following day - no chance - they were devoured in minutes. Last night we had the steak and Ale pudding - fantastic and the meat was so lean and tender.

I am looking forward to the Ham and Leek pudding and if it's as good as the rest I'll be on your web site placing an order - well done - please don't let the quality slip - I'd rather pay more.


Ken Hardaway            21/07/2011


My husband was delighted with his steak and kidney pudding, he thought it was his birthday! Many thanks for your help re garlic and onions.

Pat Carter                   09/11/2011


I bought a couple of savoury puddings from you at the recent show at Lincoln Showground. I put one straight into the freezer and ate the roly poly for dinner  on Tuesday this week. It was the first time of eating one of this type and I felt that I must compliment you on it. The seasoning was perfect for me and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I can recommend it as a delicious and savoury delight. Perfect for the cold weather (although I did eat the last bit on Wednesday, cold for my lunch!). I shall certainly be ordering more in the future via your website. Thank you.


Steve Cadd                    30/11/2011

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